Yes, I like old ridiculous cars.


surmise-en-scene: Japanese anime legends Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, just hangin’


A long awaited and asked a many times mash up has finally come to life!!! Our (Joe Hogan and I) Game of Adventures (Game of Thrones and Adventure Time) crossover has finally arrived! Ill definitely have prints of this guy at #sdcc this coming week! #gameofthrones #adventuretime #cartoonnetwork #mike4boom #jonsnow

  • Rogue: When they come out... does it hurt?
  • Wolverine: Every time.
“I think he had a complicated relationship with all of pop culture. He told me a great story about when he was teaching at Illinois State and he was given an audio tape of a band that he fell in love with, and he came into his graduate seminar and said, ‘I might be crazy, but I think this band is great and you all need to hear this right now.’ He then played for his students ‘Nevermind’ by Nirvana. It was about seven years after the album had been released.”
Parks & Rec creator Mike Schur on David Foster Wallace, in Poking a Dead Frog (via nickdouglas)